Muhurat Trading Workshop

"Shubh Laabh"

13th November Onwards

Limited registration on first come first serve basis

Hi, I Am Anurag!

NISM Certified Research Analyst with

5+ Years of Professional Experience.

I started my journey as an IT Sales Professional in Bangalore but my passion dragged me towards understanding of stock market. Learned Technical analysis side by side with my job and tested my skills in live market. After completing my PG diploma in financial market practice and NISM i devoted myself full time towards professional trading and founded BookProfit last year. 

My goal is to make people believe that trading is not a gambling but respected serious business which takes skills to win. At bookprofit , Our vision is to make people of India financially literate because unfortunately it is not rooted in our education system.

You Will Learn How To


Take advantage of Muhurat trading and start new investments


Rebalance your existing portfolio and add new multibaggers


Be part of elite BookProfit investor group till next diwali.

Salient Features Of Workshop

  • Is trading right thing for you? ​

  •  Scams in trading world and how to avoid​

  •  Golden Rules for beginners in trading​

  •  Difference between retail and professional trader​

  • Which Segment is best for Trading​

  • Minimum Investment to start trading​

  • How to do correct position sizing

  • How do big losses occurs and what to avoid?

  • Information about BookProfit Programs​



 Sunday ad Saturday

Duration : 30 min to 1 hour

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