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Mann Ki Baat - My first Letter to beginners in Share Market

Read this very carefully :

Are you a beginner in stock market?

some important questions that you should ask yourself?

1. Do i understand risks?

2. Do i want to start share trading because of lockdown and when everything is back to normal i will leave it.

3. Am i going to take advice from friend and relative without knowing their experience and performance in stock market?

4. Do you know how much time you have to give to trading?

5. Do you know low risk and high risk segments in trading?

Dear Friends,

If you dont have the clear answers of above questions you are not ready for stock trading. You are going to lose your money if you just open a d mat account and start trading blindly.

Remember when you took an admission to college, Did you started getting salary without completing you education?

Did you started earning income from first day when you established you business(if you run a business)?

Did you fight with college that if you dont get job once you finish your study return my fee back?

Not at all.

Then how will you will earn from stock market without learning basics.

Every day we see hundreds and thousands of people losing money and they have same type of Answers :

1. Some people from telegram or facebook phone them and gave tips

2. Some tips company fooled them

3. They took huge risk without putting stop loss

4. somebody took money from you you and not gave tips also

Funny talk is, without knowing the reason you blame the market and decide to leave the market , because you lost your money.

Please Dont do this mistake again and again

Stock market is simple but not easy.

This is the reason we have founded BookProfit.

We have designed our program which includes learning with earning, Even if you are a beginner or experiened.

At any cost, you will not get tips even if you want

And yes, it is not a course. we will make you a professional stock trader who is earning money, not somebody who knows everything but did not earn a money.

Comment if you liked this Article. Also ask if you want to know more.

Stay Glued..More articles coming this section on trading psychology.

Written by Anurag Sharma

a former IT engineer (by mistake)

NISM Certified Research Analyst

An Angry Stock Market Trader.

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