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Capital Market Trading Education & Services

Welcome to BookProfit, An online initiative of professional traders and research analyst. We help people achieve their financial goals in life by education of personal finance, investment, stock trading, mutual funds and financial planning. Practice technical and fundamental analysis yourself and learn how to earn from markets by joining programs well suited to any person interested in capital market. Join free live webinar and get oppotunity to learn from experts! 

Our Services

Our services are rigorously customized as per the role and need of a trader. Whether an amateur or professional, we got everyone covered.


BookProfit Quantum

No idea about Stock Trading? BookProfit Quantum is an On-boarding service for a Trader. Its very helpful if you are a student or a beginner in trading.

BookProfit Quantum Plus

So you got some experience with trading but still facing challenges to make profit. BP Quantum Plus will introduce you to technical analysis and basic strategies to earn profits frequently. 

BookProfit SuperRoom

Trade the same way as the experts are! Get access to a virtual room and experience live trading and profits zooming on the screen. 

BookProfit QuantFolio

So you don't have time to trade-n-all huh? BookProfit QuantFolio handles your money professionally with pre-defined algo trading strategies.

BookProfit MasterTrader

If you have a dream & flexibility of becoming a full time trader, This Program is for you. Get lifetime support and hand holding from experts.

BookProfit Buzz

Let the profits buzzing on your phone! BookProfit Buzz is computer generated trade alert service so that you never miss a profitable trade.

Recommended Partners

We are partnered with leading discount  brokers in India to open a Dmat account required to trade in capital market..


Upstox Broking is India's Leading brokerage firm with more than 20+ million traders providing free demat account online instantly in just few minutes!

As a technology-focused stockbroking firm, Fyers is breaking barriers & introducing features which will give our clients an extra edge to trade successfully.

Ready to find out more?

Lot of people come to trading world just because they want to earn quick money like some ads flashing off on facebook or telegram or youtube, or their friends or relatives are already investing. But , They are neither aware of risks associated nor well planned of finances. Hence a financial health checkup is recommended.


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